Access Digital Asset Capital Markets

Assets International supports the world’s most disruptive technology startups — helping them launch, scale, and solve their industries greatest challenges.

Blockchain Capital Markets & Digital Asset Offerings

From ideation to following an exchange listing, Assets International works with digital assets across their complete lifecycle and growth story. Assets International team offers a direct path from being incubated, building out token economics and a structure to global participation and growth. 

Our goal is to build the largest digital asset ecosystems in the world by providing our experience, strategic resources and relationships to push digital assets into the mainstream.

Access to emerging technologies via blockchain capital markets

Assets International has experience with all kinds of digital asset offerings and is unique positioned to introduce a token economic structure that instills confidence in a global community of participants and aligns incentives with the founding team. We build out our token ecosystems while considering public comparables, sensitivity analyses and financial modelling.

Blockchain Capital Markets Enabled Token M&A

Assets International works with several types of M&A opportunities

Token to Token Mergers & Acquisitions

We work with digital asset ecosystems that are looking to merge with another digital asset network. This could be for more global expansion, to concentrate development efforts or to lower expenses. We can provide experience across aligning on valuations, go to market to include the community and technology considerations.

Enterprise to Token Mergers & Acquisitions

We work with global enterprises who are looking to acquire a digital asset ecosystem as a quick way to market with a blockchain strategy and ecosystem or digital assets who are looking to acquire traditional businesses to accelerate the global growth of their blockchain network.

Digital Asset Restructuring & Distressed Assets

We work with distressed digital asset networks who have become insolvent and are in need or professionals to come in to rebuild their networks, communities and to access capital for the next wave of growth. We are very selective with projects that we will take on in this capacity.
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